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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we collect the answers to some useful questions often asked by customers.


What is the cheapest shipping option?

That depends on where you are!

If you reside in the United States or Canada, the smaller products (folded maps, textile prints, post cards etc.) can be shipped to you cheaply (usually for 3.70 €). The shipping cost for rolled posters is currently very high (25€). However: We also sell our products via Even though the retail prices on are slightly higher, the combined price with shipping is usually significantly lower for US customers.

If you are inside the European Union or the EFTA, Shipping is 3.70 € for smaller items (folded maps, textile prints) and 11 € for large items like rolled prints. The shipping cost for items from the store for European customers will never go above 11 €, no matter how much you order.

If you live in Germany, large items can be shipped to you for 4.50 €.

For customers in the rest of the world, small items (folded maps, textile prints) cost 3.70 in shipping while only the 25€ option exists for rolled posters. We can, however, ship any number of posters for that price, so you can reduce the shipping cost by pooling orders with others, if possible.

Are there other products from Sardis Verlag beside those listed in the shop?

Yes. We sell special, custom made aluminium and canvas prints upon request.

There are also the following products which we can currently only sell on request for tax reasons:

Post Card: Egyptian Book of the Dead

Word Cloud: The New Testament

Word Cloud: The Old Testament

Where can I find contact info for Sardis Verlag?

See Impressum.