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Imperium Romanum Map now also Available as Folded Poster

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A new edition of our map of the Roman Empire is now available as a folded poster. Folded up, the size of the poster is reduced from DIN A0 to DIN A4, which is about the size of a regular book. It will be delivered in an attractive cardboard fold with product information and detail images on its back side. This edition is mainly intended for the international and retail market. Compared to the rolled up poster, which we continue to offer, there are two big advantages of this new product:

  • Inexpensive worldwide shipping
  • It can be easily sold in retail stores together with ordinarily-sized books without the need for an extra map stand an product info flyer.

Also note that, as a newly released edition of the poster, it also profits from the improved color scheme and the significantly enhanced and expanded content previously only found on our textile print of the Imperium Romanum map.


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