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New Postcard: "The Parthian Empire"

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The little brother of our recently released map The Roman Era Orient is now available!

The map depicts the Parthian and Indo-Parthian Empires in the first half of the 1st century CE. The required scale of 1:25. Mio. is relatively large if compared to our other offers in the Ancient Empires series, as our postcards of the Roman or Persian Realms. Thus even on a small DIN A6 sized postcard we could include an astonishing number of details.


  • DIN A6 (148 x 105 cm),
  • Glossy finish,
  • Printed on 300 g/m² postcard chromo board,
  • Scale 1:25.000.000,
  • Legend in English and German,
  • The countries and vassal states of the Parthian Empire,
  • The most famous cities of the Empire and it's neighbours,
  • The most important peoples of the region,
  • Major routes through the Parthian realm.

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